Our Vision

Bringing cultural and commercial expertise and resource to support UK education brands in growing domestically and internationally, and to increase investment opportunities for overseas funds.


China’s 2020 Education Strategy is aimed at growing the number of internationally educated, highly skilled young Chinese people to step up China’s approaches in international affairs and competitions.

By 2020, value of the Chinese education market estimated at £370bn, of which £140bn will be spent on international education sector.

With its rich history and unique ethos, UK education is one the best in the world, and enjoys a first class/strong reputation in China.

60% of the world’s leaders have experienced UK education offers. Over 40% international schools globally are using UK curriculums.

Education is one of the top priority sectors for the UK-China partnerships in the Golden Era.



UK education brands strategic partnership export to China

Overseas strategic investment into UK education brands

UK Export

Source and qualify Chinese partners and investors

Partnership negotiation and strategy

Execution plan

Opco structure set up

Implementation and contract

International investment

Source and qualify investment targets

Match up with the best fit investor

Investment strategy

Professional services

Close the deal


Qin LI

Qin LI

  • The first and only mainland China-born British Diplomat (in Her Majesty’s Government), worked in China for 8 years between 2008 and 2016.

  • Worked at the Department for International Trade (formerly UKTI) for 15 years.

  • Led the business programme for all UK Prime Ministers’ visits to China between 2004 and 2008.

  • Developed and implemented UK government technology trade and investment strategy in China.

  • Passionate about Promoting mutually beneficial business relationships and economic growth in the UK-China education sphere.

  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of Chinese culture, business environment and etiquette.

  • Has Advised hundreds of British businesses on their China strategies and market opportunities, providing invaluable expertise and insight on governmental policies affecting education trade with China, and guidance on operating in a highly unique context.

  • Advisor to Sichuan Alliance for the Promotion of Excellent Education – social responsibility.

  • Vice President of UK Sichuan Business Association – social responsibility.

Helen HAN

Helen HAN

  • Worked on many university collaborative programmes in Australia, UK and China.

  • Now the international director at Chinese Political and Law University.

  • The founder of YF Education Group in the UK, and has strong connections with UK universities.

  • The business supports more than 3500 international students studying-to the UK every year.



Expansion of an existing international school in Shenzhen

30 bi-lingual schools to be set up across China


Completed: £35m investment into a top sixth form school in the UK

Completed £15m investment into a top independent school in the UK

Major investors ready and fund ready for similar investment projects


1. Initial factor-finding of interests and relevant plans of the UK school

2. Selection process to identify and select the best-fit investors

3. NDA & Introduction Agreement & Consultant Agreement signed

4. Arrange initial introduction and follow up meetings between the school and the investors

5. At request, advice on opco model if setting up in China

6. Advice on investment model and structure

7. Contract negotiation

Map of Projects

  •   Shenzhen

  •   Jinan

  •   Kunming

  •   Beijing

  •   Xian

  •   Zhengzhou

  •   Fuzhou

  •   Chengdu

  •   Foshan

Top Chinese and international education funds